Facials are the most popular treatment performed by estheticians. They are a good way for your skin care therapist to gain an understanding of your skin and assessing your skincare needs.

Facials generally include cosmetics removal, cleansing, exfoliation by mechanical, chemical, or enzymatic means to remove dead skin cells, steaming, extractions, facial massage, treatment masks and serums, moisturizer, and sun protection. These treatment options are always customized to the client’s skincare needs and preferences.

Depending on the client’s needs, facials can be scheduled every four weeks, although your therapist may recommend a customized schedule to accommodate specific goals.

There are many variations of facials based on different needs, as well as different lengths of time. A mini facial may be only 20ā€“30 minutes in length, while a more luxurious version may be 75ā€“90 minutes in length. Tell your esthetician exactly what you want to get out of your facial, and she/he will be able to recommend a facial to meet your needs.

Preparing for a facial

It is best to arrive a few minutes early so that you may fill out a comprehensive intake form prior to your appointment. Arriving early will allow you to not feel rushed and you can enjoy the full length of the treatment time you’ve booked. Remember that occasionally your hair might become slightly damp during a facial, so we like to provide a soft wrap or headband to hold your hair back from your face. If it makes you feel more comfortable, there is no need to remove your makeup before the appointment, as it will be cleansed off during your facial.

What to expect

Facials are intended to be very relaxing and soothing. Each of the treatment steps will be described to you beforehand. Please communicate with your aesthetician during the facial at any time if anything feels uncomfortable, any product burns, itches, or any time if you need anything or have any questions. Then, just lie back and enjoy the experience.

A basic facial generally includes the following steps:

  • Makeup removal as needed and dual cleansing of the skin.
  • Skin analysis. This is to assess what the needs are for your skin health and skincare goals.
  • Exfoliation by mechanical or natural enzymatic or chemical means.
  • Massage of the face and neck, to aid in relaxation and stimulate blood and oxygen flow to the skin. This is essential as it helps to stimulate elastin and promote natural collagen retention in your tissue.
  • Extraction of blackheads and other impurities as needed, either manually (using gloved hands and cotton or tissue around the fingers with gentle pressure to remove the impacted pore) or using a metal extraction implement designed to clear blocked pores.
  • Application of treatment products customized to your skin type (dry, oily, mixed, sensitive, or mature), targeted to aid in the comfort and maintenance of your skincare goals.

After the facial

After a facial, your skin should feel hydrated and smooth. If multiple extractions were needed, or if you required a fair amount of exfoliation, your skin may be somewhat rosy for a couple hours or more, depending on how sensitive your skin is. Don’t worry, this is normal.

Home Care

After your session we can discuss some home care products for you to use to continue the improvement in your skin following your professional treatment. This will maximize the benefits and prolong the effects of your treatment, and it will help you reach and maintain your skin health goals. We can discuss how, when, and how much of each of the products to use. You are always welcome to call your skincare therapist if you have any questions.

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